curate for change


Curate for change uses the transformative power of art to promote awareness, encourage dialogue, and inspire action. We seek to address issues of environmental stewardship, sustainability and social justice in creative and inspiring ways by creating on-site installations that are at once emotional, intellectual, and sensory. We believe art is the agent of change who can bring everybody together.


Art and design are manifestations of the culture from which they emanate from and we therefore seek to use them as a vessel for cultural exchange. We believe that promoting social awareness is a responsibility. We consider the act and practice of staging artistic diversity a vital means by which art and design can serve social progress.


We conceive and deliver artistic, innovative and participative installations for events, retail, public and private spaces, aiming to raise awareness and mobilize action on social  issues. 

For each project, we partner with a related non-for-profit organization to create an interconnected program that sheds light on the issue in question. In this way, the installation serve as a beacon around which artists, customers and organizations can unite
as a collective force for change.


Julia Terzano

Julia is co-founder of Curate for Change. Having graduated from Law School, Julia has completed her education in the art field, in London, Barcelona and Venice. She has freelanced for different brands both as content Curator and photographer in Buenos Aires, London and Barcelona; and has worked for Side Gallery Barcelona as an Associate Curator and communication manager. She has extended knowledge in art production, having worked in renowned art fairs as Art Basel, PAD London, Frieze London and the Venice Art Biennale. Julia is co-founder of Venice Curatorial Course, an international curatorial program held yearly in Venice, Italy. Julia lives and works between Barcelona and Venice.

Josefina Pierucci

Josefina is co-founder of Curate for Change. Having spent 10 years working in the corporate world  between Buenos Aires and London , she translated her commercial and marketing experience into the Arts. After 5 years in contemporary art in London and Madrid, she moved towards contemporary and historical design in Barcelona when joining Side Gallery as Gallery Director. Extensive knowledge of art fairs and cultural events. Josefina is based in Barcelona, Spain. 

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