Curating Sustainable Projects

Curatorial Program
27 June -17 July, 2022.


As part of our mission, Curate for Change launches its Curatorial Program:
Curating Sustainable Projects

Shifting individuals, communities and countries towards sustainability requires the embrace of cultural diversity. A change is necessary and art can function as an effective agent for creating awareness and positive action.

Curating Sustainable Projects is a three-week curatorial program based on workshops, debates, lectures and visits, which takes place in Barcelona, from 27 June-17 July, 2022.

We will work together to conceive a final exhibition related to environmental and sustainability concepts, creating different art installations, working together with curators and artists. As part of the Curate for Change program, we will partner with a related non-profit organization, donating funds for the cause.

Barcelona City.

Apocapoc BCN, Nest city lab – Urban Lab for sustainability and regenerative habits –

Barcelona is increasingly a benchmark for sustainable architecture and urbanism. The city will serve as a foundation, offering us its green corners and environmentally conscious cultural initiatives.



Apocapoc, The Nest city lab facilitates a lifestyle that reduces our ecological footprint considerably on a daily basis and encourages us to have a positive impact on the world.


The program is divided in 3 weeks. Monday-Friday 10-5pm

The course will be developed by the organizers/tutors and supported by special guests from different fields:
Curators, Art dealers, Gallerists, Artists, Press Director, Project Manager, among others.

Final exhibition co-curated by students. Opening 15 July.


The program is designed for students who, engaging with contemporary art and design, wish to take up the challenge of organising sustainable projects with an artistic basis, curating an exhibition with a social and sustainable underpinning.

Graduate students or professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and improve their practical skills are welcome.

Our program is aimed at people with a background in any of the following areas of contemporary art: curatorial studies, theory and philosophy of art, art history, art management and art production, visual arts, fine arts, new media, architecture, interior design, photography, design, as well as university graduates in the cultural studies field. The program is also suitable for candidates who have acquired curatorial skills through practical experience


Week 1

Curating Sustainable Projects.
Introduction to sustainable projects and cultural management.
Relevant guests and speakers. Presentation of projects.
Introduction to the final exhibition project.

VISITS: Studio and Art Exhibition visits.

Week 2

Concept and draft of the final exhibition.
Creative writing and communication strategies. Online and offline media. Sustainable marketing and graphic design.
Workshops. Relevant guests.
Selection of pieces for the final exhibition. Display design.

VISITS: Studio and Art Exhibition visits.

Week 3

Production and logistics.
Assembly of the final exhibition. Implementation of online and offline communication strategy. Social media.
Design: Floor plan. Banner, etc. Opening.

VISITS: Studio and Art Exhibition visits.


Sabine Colombier (Sustainable art markets)

Valeria Díaz Granada ([Re]generator) 

Tanja Grass (Director, Curator at Drap Art)

Monica Iglesias (Art communication agency)

Miguel Mallol (Curator and founder of Enclave Land Art)

Guillermo Santomà (Artist)

Anna Peña (Rezero)

Fabien Siouffi (Fabbula, VR Curator and producer) 

Lucia Trevisán (Co-founder a.topos Curatorial Collective Venice)

Joan Vellve (Artist)

Nuria Vila Punzano (Sustainable graphic designer)


Deadline to Apply is 15 April, 2022
To apply it is necessary to submit via email to the following:

i) Application form
ii) CV
iii) Personal statement explaining the reasons you are applying to the Course. (max 500 words)
iv) Short abstract/concept of an exhibition -sustainable project- you would like to undertake. (max 100 words).


Total fee is 1500€ *(including deposit)

*a €250 deposit is required upon acceptance to secure your place in the program.
The registration will be completed with the payment of the course fee according to the rates for the year and to the deadlines established by the regulations.

Applications are not considered complete until the fee has been paid. Deadline to complete payment: 31 April, 2022.

*fees and deposits are non refundable in case of cancellation by the student.
** due to global circumstances, CFC will provide entire fee refund in case students are not able to travel for any COVID-19 related reasons. Entire fee refund is also provided in case of inactivation of the course.

Other information:Accommodation and living expenses are not provided by the program. However we are able to provide a full support and options in finding apartments and rooms in Barcelona. Due to the high season period in which the course is taking place, we strongly recommend to apply in advance and sort out housing and accommodation as soon as possible.